"Aku menyintaimu kerana agama yang ada padamu, jika kau hilangkan agama dalam dirimu, hilanglah cintaku padamu" IMAM NAWAWI….

Subhanallah…Spectacular Eclipse Of The Moon

Thousands of people gazed in awe as the skies remained clear for the most spectacular lunar eclipse in more than a decade. The first total eclipse of the moon in three years was visible across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland last night thanks to crisp weather.The surface of the full Moon first went dark before turning a coppery red, to the delight of people who had stayed up to watch the display.

The Moon started to become obscured from 20:18 and was at its height between

The phenomenon occurred because the Earth passed directly between the Moon and the Sun.

Light scattering through the Earth’s atmosphere was reduced to predominantly-red wavelengths, which reflect off the lunar surface.

In ancient times a “blood Moon” was viewed with dread and seen as an omen of disaster or great change.

This year’s lunar eclipse could be seen most clearly from Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The event was regarded by astronomers as one of the most memorable in more than 15 years.

After the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1992, so much volcanic ash was released into the atmosphere that the eclipsed Moon that year was nearly invisible.

Since the Earth has not had a major eruption for some years, last night’s eclipse was a more impressive sight.

Robin Scagell, from the Society for Popular Astronomy, said: “This is one of the best lunar eclipses from Britain for years.

“It was fascinating to watch the Moon’s graceful movement through the shadow of the Earth and check its coppery glow.”

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